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There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer and be a part of W.A.N.D.S and make sure this fits in well with your life... and probably plenty more we have not thought of yet.​​

Grants Coordinator

We are looking for an enthusiastic individual, with a keen eye for detail and interest in research and analysis, to help us identify relevant grants we could apply for. Previous experience is not required.

The key aspects of the role would be:

• Sign up and explore grants databases to find matches;

• Advise and support trustees or other volunteers in completing grant application forms;

• Record grant applications made and outcomes, report these for trustee meetings (6 times a year);

• Sign up to relevant communications and inform trustees of key changes or news regarding grants;

• If required attend relevant training (likely to be online, such as workshops offered by the Wiltshire Community Foundation).

Estimated commitment per year

around 32 hours

Communication and advertising lead

We are looking for someone with either enthusiasm for snappy writing or previous experience of PR/advertising to: 

  • Produce press releases for general events; 

  • Advertise WANDS regularly through free press, communication to schools, etc.; 

  • support other WANDS volunteers to advertise their activities.

Estimated commitment per year

around 18 hours

Digital lead

If you know your way around a keyboard and are interested in websites we’d love to hear from you.

We are looking for someone who could:

  • Maintain the website and develop it when required

  • Offer IT support to other trustees, including training and guides on applications used for WANDS

  • Research and advise on best applications, website provider, online meeting provider, etc. for WANDS’s needs

Estimated commitment per year

around 36 hours

Fund-raising co-ordinator

We are looking for a creative thinker who can help up seize all fundraising opportunities.

You’d need to be able to:

  • Identify fund-raising opportunities for our activities

  • Link with fundraising sites (lottery, online shopping, etc)

  • Help the trustees organise fund-raising events and activities through the year

Estimated commitment per year

around 36 hours

And even more opportunities to help...


Is there an activity you enjoy taking part in?

Would you be able to invite other W.A.N.D.S members to join you?

This could be anything like a park you like going to with your child(ren), going for a run or walk, starting a book club, etc.


Do you have a talent, skills, passion that you would like to share?

Could you lead a workshop or training programme or single session?


This could be anything from flower arranging, yoga or face painting....or anything else you would like to share!!!


Do you feel there is so much you have learnt since becoming an adopter?

Would you like to help others avoid some of the pitfalls you have painfully encountered?

Then take this opportunity to become a Buddy and help new adopters by offering them some support and reassurance as they take their first steps on this journey.


Would you like to lead or support a regular event in your area?


This could be either online or in person and can include:

  • an evening support group; 

  • a coffee morning;  

  • a get together for families;

  • anything else that you enjoy doing.

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