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Education and schools

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This book describes in concrete, specific ways how to educate children with fetal alcohol syndrome. It communicates an optimistic message: with the right education, delivered by a nurturing individual in the home or in the school, many alcohol-affected children thrive.

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This book illustrates how, with their traditional sanction- and exclusion-led methods, the punishment brigade are losing the argument. It outlines how each school can build authentic practice on a stable platform, resulting in shifts in daily rules and routines, in how we deal with the angriest learners, in restorative practice and in how we appreciate positive behaviour.

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Bomber and Hughes' book gives educators permission to engage with pupils relationally. They provide alternative ways to the kinds of behaviourist models, fear-based approaches and increased levels of power, authority and control still exercised in many schools at present, which disturb already troubled pupils and further prevent them from accessing school.

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Simple and concise, The Teacher's Introduction to Attachment offers an easy way to understand children with attachment issues and how they can be supported. Author Nicola Marshall combines her expertise as an adoptive parent and schools trainer to describe in plain English what attachment is.

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Inside I' Hurting provides educational professionals with a much-needed classroom handbook of new strategies, practical tools and the confidence for supporting these children from an attachment perspective, thus promoting inclusion in the school system.

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This quick how-to guide offers practical tips for communicating effectively, setting boundaries like walls and using acknowledgements instead of constant praise. Loaded with real-life examples, it tells you exactly how to "say what you see" to start from where the child is - in the physical world of the here and now...and provide guidance from there. 

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Acclaimed teacher/therapist Louise Bomber takes professionals on a guided journey through the school day for pupils with attachment difficulties; from making the transition to school in the morning to leaving at the end of the day.

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