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Our current regular activities

Storage containers for art and craft


Imagination at the ready!

Monthly art and craft sessions on a Saturday.

North of the County

Gourmet Meal

Evening Meals Out

Have a well deserved break for a couple of hours, every other month. Enjoy nice food, that someone else has cooked (!) and great company.


You may even get to eat your whole pudding and better yet no washing up!

Alternating between North and South of the County

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Information Session

These monthly adults only sessions provide an opportunity to find out more about support and services available to adoptive families in Wiltshire and also nationwide.

Guest speakers join us every month to provide information and advice on the service they provide.


Laptop & Coffee

Single Adopters - evening meeting

An opportunity for Single Adopters to catch up with each other without having to organise childcare.


Bowling Pins

Holiday meet ups

Every half term and holidays activities (to suit the season) for the whole family.


Friends in a Tent

Camping Holiday

Once a year, leave it all behind... Grab your tent and join other adopters for a relaxed family holiday where everybody just "gets it".

Dorset campsite

adventure begin_edited.png


An opportunities for dads to get together and have a meal, or take part in activities such as darts, snooker, skittles, etc. and have a chat and laugh.

North of the County

Wild Path

Family meet ups

Making the most of living in Wiltshire!

Family-friendly activities one Sunday a month (weather permitting if outdoors). Our programme varies depending on the time of year, from picnic at the park to indoor play areas. 

One in the North and one in the South of the County.

Ring of Light Bulbs


Monthly adults only session to enable us to deepen our understanding of trauma, to upskill ourselves to handle our current challenges and to develop some self-care practices.


Friends on a Swing

Pre-school meet up

An opportunity for pre-schoolers (and their parents!) to meet every month and enjoy some activities together. Activities will be planned by all attending and will vary depending on the time of year.

Wiltshire wide

Christmas Bulldogs

Christmas Party

Once a year, fuss free and relaxing family parties.

Bring and share food, enjoy simple party games with some festive music. Who knows what Secret Santa will bring!?!

One in the North and one in the South of the County

Wilderness Breakfast

Coffee morning

Grab a cuppa and a chat with other adopters, once a month on a Monday morning (in person) and on a Friday morning (online).

In-person and online


Evening Support Group 

These monthly adults only meetings are an opportunity to catch up with like minded people, enjoy a cuppa and a biscuit and work together to find some positive and practical solutions to your current issues. 

Guest speakers are invited to some meetings which provides additional resources to tackle adopters' challenges.


Popcorn Fall

Watch Party

Monthly adult only opportunities to watch, as a group, an interview, a webinar or video clip related to parenting or any other topic that may be of help to adoptive parents. We then take the opportunity to discuss what we have just watched.


Toasting Drinks


Set up by the partners of dads attending Dad'venture this is open to all adopters who would like to join a friendly little group and go out every month for a drink and chat, and - if you fancy it - a meal.

We take it in turn to pick a venue.

North of the County


Family Fun Day

Our big yearly "get together". Children and young people can access a range of activities (music, art and craft and sport - including a Bouncy Castle, face painting and lots of bubbles!) whilst parents can relax and enjoy each other's company.

As central in the county as we can make it

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