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Prospective Adopter  -
WANDS Membership Form

I have read and understood the W.A.N.D.S Membership guidelines and:

You can request to stop receiving emails or calls from us at any time.

At W.A.N.D.S we are committed to ensuring your and your family’s safety and to do this we are inviting you to provide evidence of your prospective adopter status.

You can ask your social worker to confirm that they know you as a prospective adopter and forward that email to us or give us your social worker's name and contact details and we will contact him / her with your consent.

You can also ask an adopter who is already a member of W.A.N.D.S. to confirm that they know you as a prospective adopter.

Or you can arrange to meet with one of us to provide any document you are comfortable sharing with us which confirms that you have been approved as an adopter (this can be a letter, email or any other document related to adoption). We will not share this document.

Thanks for submitting!

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