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Helping Hands

There are a number of opportunities for prospective adopters through WANDS as detailed below. There are also probably some we have not thought of yet so if you have any other skills, interests or passions you would like to share with us please do let us know.

Once you are registered with us (with confirmation from your Adoption Agency) we will send you a weekly email (usually on a Monday) with information about upcoming activities, including timings and locations.


We look forward to meeting you and good luck with the adoption process.

Playing with Donuts

Supporting activities

To gain experience with children (and expand your support network) – parents and children attend these

Child Reading in the Grass

Developing your skills and knowledge

A chance to learn something new and meet adopters.

Children do not attend these.

Caring Child

Supporting  WANDS

We often have volunteering opportunities to help us continually develop and grow.

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