Adoption West

Free resources

Duty officers available every working day: 9am to 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 4pm on Friday.
The phone number for all support enquiries is 03303 550 333.

You can also sign up to their Facebook page and twitter feed.

Facebook groups


There are a number of groups on Facebook offering support for adopters and parents dealing with attachment issues. Some are closed groups and you will need to be granted access.

Connecting the dots with ACES (adverse childhood experiences)
Attachment disorder UK
Adopters UK support group

NHS mental well-being

Free online resources

NHS information on mental well-being and mindfulness.
There are also videos available on YouTube such as this one to guide you through mindfulness

Beacon House

Free online resources

Beacon House are creating video resources, for all ages, to soothe, regulate, stimulate and connect during this challenging time.

Connective Parenting

Membership fees and free resources

Single adoptive mum, Sarah Fisher is passionate about helping families connect.

The Connective Parenting Hub has been designed to help families build a better connection, based on the principles of Non-Violent Resistance (NVR).

Offering online workshops starting on Monday 23 March (£10 or £5 for hub members).


Free online resources

Information on managing stress from Mind, the mental health charity.

Adoption UK

Free resources, some with membership fees

Adoption UK has updated its home page to offer support on home learning, self care, etc. to support adoptive families at this time.


Membership fees but public Facebook page

Currently expanding their offer of virtual listening circles (support groups), videos and online training (you can send requests).
You can also access their public Facebook page on

Wiltshire IAPT

Free resources

Useful links and information as well as guided meditation and mindfulness practice

The Department for Education has set up a helpline for parents, children and education staff. It's open every day from 8am weekdays and 10am weekends: 0800 046 8687

Helpful resources for talking to children about Coronavirus


A short book about Coronavirus for children under 7.



Drs Chris and Xand explain the situation

Newsround video

Resources for children and young people with additional needs:

An autism-friendly explanation in social story format

Carol Gray’s social story for Coronavirus -

contains a link to the most up to date version of their “Easy Read” for young people and adults with learning difficulties


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